Literacy Resources

Make learning literacy fun with our wide range of literacy games, activities and worksheets.

We offer speech pathologists a variety of learning materials that target pre-literacy and foundational literacy skills. We provide fun activities, worksheets and games that are specially formulated to target phonological awareness skills. This includes worksheets and activities targeting:

RHYME: rhyming words, rhyme detection, rhyme identification and rhyme production.

SYLLABLE LEVEL: syllable blending, syllable segmentation and syllable counting.

PHONEME LEVEL: phoneme blending, and phoneme segmentation,  initial sound identification, medial sound identification, final sound identification and phoneme deletion.

All the learning materials are carefully categorized so that it is extremely simple and easy to find exactly what you need to teach a particular skill. They are fun and easy to use in the clinic, as well as provided for home or school practice.

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