Language Resources

Provide your student with stimulus pictures that target specific areas of language.

Our language worksheets provide stimulus pictures that aid speech pathologists with targeting specific language areas, including:

  • Prepositions: We have MULTIPLE worksheets that speech pathologists can use to teach the following location concepts: in, on, under, next to, behind, in front of, above, below, over, through, between, out of.
  • Vocabulary: MULTIPLE stimulus pictures are provided to cover a wide range of categories (e.g., fruits, foods, vegetables, school items) in order to increase a student’s vocabulary. There are also a number of FUN worksheets and activities that are designed so that therapists can just print and go! Perfect for therapy sessions as well as for home practise. Worksheets include ‘odd-one-out’ and ‘things that go together’. A wide range of multiple meanings stimulus pictures are also provided.
  • Pronouns: Theses materials contain a variety of fun worksheets and printable games to help speech pathologists teach the understanding and use of a variety of pronouns, including ‘he’ and ‘she’.

All of our learning materials are specifically designed to show the language concepts clearly, whilst still being interesting and eye-catching. The activities are designed for speech pathologist to be able to ‘print and go!’ and can be easily used in the clinic, as well as given for home/school practise.

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